We are here to democratize access to computerization and digital technologies for your agricultural operation

Market research indicates as of 2020, only 16.5% of US growers use some form of farm management software 

14.5% are using a spreadsheet or general accounting software

While 69% still rely on pen, paper and other un-computerized tools for their record keeping and operations

At Umbrella Genetics we are committed to helping growers keep pace with the ways technology is transforming agricultural operations

We are here to democratize growers’ access to computerized and digitized agricultural tools and techniques

Embracing new technology can be challenging

Agricultural incomes are falling, political conditions are changing, the average age of farmers is rising rapidly – how can a sustainable value proposition be derived for growers under such circumstances?

Limited availability of new productive land, frequent weather anomalies, and stricter regulations contribute to the pressure on efficiency and effectiveness in the agricultural sector even more.

One of the main responses to these challenges comes in the form of precision farming, that leverages a collection of new technologies that collectively enable more efficient management of agricultural land.

Today’s growers are bombarded with a multitude of offers from crop protection companies, equipment manufacturers, and dozens of startups about new products and technologies with little information about how to make use of all these.

All these sensors, biologicals, robotic automation, and digital data claiming to improve farm yields and reduce input wastage, but there are many unanswered questions:

How to make use of all these technologies to increase growers’ bottom line?

How to ensure the security and privacy of growers’ operational data and not damage their competitive advantage?

We are here to help growers navigate this new landscape with only their interests in mind