Optimize your operational decisions based on data- as well as your experience and skip the frustration

Our Commitments

Specific and scaleable advisory for every client

We provide data-driven answers for your operational questions with scaleable and customized precision to allow maximum actionability

We do not store, keep, share or use your data for purposes outside your Statement-Of-Work

We draw data from public data sources and make it available to you

Impartial – Unbiased, results reporting.
No conflict of interest with any farm product manufacturers or seed companies.

No software with complex interfaces

No incomprehensible pictures

We listen to you

The promise digital agriculture holds for farmers is to provide better and faster information to help make more informed decisions that improve farm performance.

Digital technologies and analytics are transforming but, less than 20 percent of acreage today is managed using digital agriculture technologies due to the high cost of gathering precise field data, and lack of insightful data integration platforms that would answer simple operational decision questions for the growers.

Black-box analytics and subscription-based digital services does not inspire confidence in farmers. As in all things data, the privacy concerns slow or stop the adoption of digital technologies in agriculture

Our Vision

Empower sustainability in agriculture by providing often expensive and rare expertise on leveraging various agricultural technologies for actionable decision making in research and production systems.

Our Mission

Make agricultural operations more efficient and profitable by mitigating barriers to technology adoption in research & production systems through condensing relevant data into custom advisory bullet points for actionable and practical decision making on the farm.